Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's For Dinner?

Yes, I know that's what everyone really wants to know, and it has become clear that with all the new variety, this will take many posts to share.  If we wanted, we could go to the base Commissary and get almost all the food we would buy in the States... but where's the fun in that?  There is so much more variety off-base, much fresher fish, meat, and produce, and much of it is less expensive.  The majority of produce is all locally grown in fields like this...
As to be expected, there's lots of sushi, curry, kabob style meat on sticks, rice, and noodles.  We will get to all that eventually, but last night, we FINALLY walked out to 105 Sushi!  So fun!  You pick whatever you want as it goes by your table on the carousel...
Our son eating shrimp sushi and watching food spin around the carousel
Yummy fish wrapped around crab
Teriaki Shrimp
Fried sweet'n sour shrimp
Eating delicious Teriaki shrimp

Hello Kitty stuffed with rice,
 and shrimp sushi

Pineapple boats

Our son had so much fun!

Our daughter enjoyed it as well

Yogurt with Strawberries
My husband with all the trays of sushi he's eaten
Dessert: Creme Brule or some other yummy custard
105 Sushi!

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