Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Japanese Cooking Classes?

Yes, I am officially taking my first cooking classes... EVER!  In Japan!  The first class we made "Iwakuni" Sushi (large square sushi pieces).
My "Iwakuni" sushi with shrimp and vegetables
We also made Marmalade spare-ribs, which tasted great and looked beautiful; but I'm sorry, I did not get a photo before they were eaten.

My second class was "Famous" Fried Chicken and Squash Salad.  Everything has been wonderful, as our teacher has been cooking all her life, and working for some famous Japanese restaurants.  Fortunately for me, she is currently teaching from home as she now has 3 children.  She only charges 500¥ to cover the cost of the ingredients, which comes out to less than about anything we could eat from a restaurant, but her food is much healthier.  Here are photos from class #2...
Completed squash salad with chicken awaiting coating and cooking
Squash salad

The Squash Salad here is my favorite.  Amazing!  We used a squash like the one in the photo above, combined with bacon, a little sugar, a pinch of salt, and just enough mayonaise to coat.  Finally we added chopped しそ (Shiso) leaves.  Delicious!
Completed "Famous" fried chicken (with ginger and garlic)

I'll surely post more photos, and maybe even some recipes as I take more classes, which are held twice a month.

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