Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exquisite Confections...

One thing I never expected in Japan was delicious desserts!  They make all sorts of bakery items from bread, to nutty pastries and beautiful cakes...
A cake given to us by a wonderful neighbor for officially moving in
Our daughter trying to steal some light, fluffy frosting
 Of course with fresh berries, they do have more nutritional value than most American cakes, and notice the size; much smaller portions mean healthier people.  Most importantly, these things are not served on a regular basis, but mainly for special occasions.

Here is something else you'll see at many bakeries...
Strawberry filled pastry topped with whipped cream and berries
Japanese make delicious doughnuts that are much less greasy than ours...
Part of the selection at a Japanese doughnut shop
Our selection... some for now, some for later ;)
Strawberry goo filled and dipped doughnut
Sesame-seed covered chocolate doughnut
Many doughnuts a bit different than what we're used to.  Here is one filled with BEANS!  (I admit, we thought it would be chocolate or fruit inside.)  Of course this is healthier and more balanced with the added protein.
Bean filled doughnut
We have noticed that filling bread with beans is also quite common at grocery stores and gas station type stops.  The best part about all these treats is that a serving or even two won't leave you feeling sick to your stomach like many more calorically-dense desserts.

So, yes indeed, Japanese make wonderful and many beautiful desserts.

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