Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Yes, they still celebrate St. Patrick's Day many places in Japan, especially on the US bases.  And what is a military base without a St. Patty's Day run!  If you are a day behind in time, I highly recommend you get out to a St. Patty's run in the AM.  You'll feel great if you do.  Today I pushed the kids in the stroller on the base 5k run.  We entered the stroller division since "Daddy" had to work.  Though possibly more fun for the kids this way anyway...
The weather wasn't so great, so we brought boots to play in puddles after...
Our son having a wonderful time
Both kids enjoying their boots and puddles
So, go find a local run, and if its too late this year, mark it on your goals for next year. :)  Maybe you'll even get to pick out some cool "swag" like we did...

Finish tent

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