Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daiso LOVE!

Imagine going into a foreign store that has thousands of fun new things for a little over $1.  The Daiso is a Japanese 105¥ store, very similar to the American $1 store.  With today's exchange rate, it comes out to $1.30.  Still an excellent price for the wonderful items that would cost much more anywhere else.  Today I walked there with the kids in their stroller, and was so excited about what we got, I just had to share...
Bamboo table-mats, sushi trays, and bags of chopsticks all 105¥
Several fun types of paper available
The Bamboo mat hanging

Most fun: Food shape cutters

Apple shapes on a 105¥ cutting board
Our daughter gobbling them up
Many other kitchen items and snacks available
Wonderful selection of storage containers
They also have toys, bathroom and cleaning items, gardening supplies, and so much more!  The Daiso... Such a fun place to shop. :)

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