Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beautiful Sunsets

What more could you expect from a country who's name, written in Kanji as 日本, means "sun origin."  The mountainous topography also makes for beautiful views...
I took this during a sunset bike-ride with the kids
Our daughter during a bike-ride stop
Both kids.  (Our son loved the ride, just not photos)


  1. Do the kids have their own bikes or do you have a tow behind option? Was wondering if we should get something to accommodate the littles before we move.

  2. Our son rides his own bike, but we also have a trailer for 2. I JUST started riding with our little one on my bike, so before we got here, we were always using the trailer. I still have the trailer incase say we want to go on a fast ride with daddy pulling the kids. ;)