Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sanzoku "The Chicken Shack"

I recently had a birthday, so my family let me pick a place to go to dinner. I chose Sanzoku "The Chicken Shack." I had never been there before, but heard many wonderful reviews of the food and scenery. Fortunately, it held up to all my expectations. A definite must for anyone visiting Iwakuni, Japan. With Halloween rapidly approaching, the place was extra decked out in Halloween decor.

Though this was just seasonal, the place is always decorated with beautiful Japanese lanterns and gardens. There is also a little marketplace with souvenirs and packaged food for sale. Here is what it looks like...
Yes that is a fish in the water!  Lots of giant orange and white Koi.
Here's what some of the food looks like...

Those are just a preview of what you can order inside. Inside are Japanese style tables with mats to sit on. The kids thought it was fun to have tables their size, and we were happy to not have to keep them from crawling under tables or climbing on regular furniture.

Dining room prepped for a large dinner party

Entrance to one of the dining areas

Fun outside the restaraunt
View from across the street

A fun night here in Japan! Friends and family, come visit, and we'll take you there. ;)

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