Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Yes that's right, Kindergarten.  We officially switched from Yochien to the base school system.  We are quite sad about it as our son was treated so lovingly by the Japanese teachers, and got to do so many special new things.  His teacher sent home a special frame with photos of him with his classmates and a quote "It was fun playing with you.  We are Friends Forever!! From Fuji 2 class's everyone."  We would have loved to stay, and had no problems with the Yochien, it was only because we weren't sure how our son would do in the American school system.  (A bit ironic, huh?)  So, here we are, back to learning the skills emphasized in the US... and no more uniform.
And here we are with our neighbor who is also starting Kindergarten...
The day went great!  Our son loves making new friends, so it was a very easy transition for him so far.  His favorite part was "They speak English so I can understand them."  He also gets to ride a bus, though just a plain white bus, nothing "cool" like the Yochien character buses.

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