Friday, November 9, 2012

Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Every November, Marine Corps units around the globe celebrate their history with a formal ball including a nice dinner, a guest speaker, a video message from the commandant, and dancing. This year was the US Marine Corps 237th birthday, which we celebrated last night. Things were a bit different than usual, living in Japan. In addition to limited dress options, seamstresses and hairdressers available, there weren't exactly options for the venue. Instead of renting out a ballroom at a hotel like most USMC balls, here we transformed our whole gym into a ballroom. We thought it came out amazing!

"Tun Tavern" was built over the entrance of our gym just for the ball
Tables and screens set up inside the gym for the ceremony
VIP room with appetizers. First ball we've had that!
3D Marine Corps symbol as a disco ball on our dance floor
Us taking a break after some dancing
We each got our own sake bottle to bring home

Us after a long night

First night in ages with childcare, beautiful decor, great speaker, delicious food, wonderful friends and dancing made a great night to remember.