Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pool Movie Night

Last night was the final "Dive-in Movie" here on base for the summer.  There were 3 total spread out over the warm months in the outdoor pool.  Also the last day of summer swimming classes for our kids.  What a great way to celebrate.
Our son is the one looking back with the glowing eyes :)
 This time our daughter got to come too, since it starts at dark, and now it is getting dark earlier.  The movie was over just after 8 PM, we left the pool in pajamas, and kids happily went to bed.
Good thing we have the movie because nobody seemed to be paying attention.  Great family night activity.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kintai Fireworks Festival

The beautiful view just before dark and the start of fireworks
Every August there is a huge fireworks display at the Kintai Bridge as part of the Nishiki River Water Festival. Along with the fireworks there are tents and tents of vendors, boats offering dinner cruises, and more boats demonstrating "Cormorant fishing." Here are some views from our arrival at the event. I do apologize, not our best photography, much from video camera and no tripod...

A dinner boat cruise underway
View from on top of a second bridge for motorized vehicles
Dinner cruise boat
Vendors under the bridge

Sorry I did not get any photos of Cormorant fishing, but did capture a few seconds on video which follows. Cormorants are a type of bird, which a fisherman uses to catch fish while it's master has a leash around the base of its neck to stop it from swallowing larger fish. Then the fishermen have the birds spit out the big fish for them. This type of fishing is mostly used just for demonstration purposes today. Here is my video of the event, including the fireworks. About half way through, you can see the birds in front of the boats with torches in the front...

And incase you couldn't view the video, here are some shots of the evening with fireworks...

I hope you enjoyed what we captured!