Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sakura Season

Every year around the start of April, Sakura (cherry blossoms) begin to bloom.  This year it started a bit early, mid March.  Once the blossoms start to bloom, they can only be seen for a few weeks before they all fall.  Sakura season is considered the best time to visit Japan because of the extra beauty the blossoms bring to the otherwise mostly bare branches.  This year we were lucky to catch the blossoms in many locations for extra special memories.

The Kintai Bridge

Our family self-portrait via tripod
Beside the Nishiki River

We also got to see Sakura blossoms over many islands by bike riding Japan's Shimanami Kaido, which will be the next blog.  Here's one shot of the path through some blossoms...
And finally, here is what the blossoms look like close up after some rain at the end of the season.
Unfortunately, with the short window of blooms, the season has already come to an end.  Hopefully you enjoyed the photos!

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