Friday, March 29, 2013

Confirming Coolest Parks EVER!

Living on a base full of Americans, when someone finds something good, soon everyone finds out.  The latest, Hachigamine Park near Otake and its 1/4 MILE roller-slide.  We didn't know how to get there, but knew it was around Otake.  Looking at satellite images made it an easy find.  Not only did the roller-slide jump out at us, but a Ferris wheel, giant obstacle course, sports fields, and wonderful kids playground.  Here's some of the fun including video from the entire slide...

Electronic lift up to the top of the slide

Start of the roller-slide
And a fun steep part...
Part of the obstacle course

Koi pond at the park

 Here is the pricing for all the "real" rides.  The roller-slide is 300 yen for 3 times down.  They also give you a mat to sit on so you don't burn your tush. ;)
 Finally, here's our video...

Now don't go down the roller-slide without getting a mat to sit on where you pay.  These roller-slides can really burn your buns. ;)  That's why we're all wearing jeans.  Though roller-slides are always fun!

Go try it!!

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