Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween in Japan isn't nearly what it is in the US, though it is recognized. Many stores sell a few decorations and some small costume items like hats, masks and capes. Children do not trick-or-treat in Japan, so there are not many costumes. However, on a US base, the Halloween traditions continue...
Our kids in our home-made costumes and wagon boat
Many Japanese families that befriend Americans get the privilege of an invite to trick-or-treat. We invited one of our son's old classmates from Yochien. He had never trick-or-treated before, so was very excited about the opportunity. Apparently many other people had the same idea, and we had a 45 minute wait at the gate to get permission for them to enter. (For anyone bringing guests next year I recommend meeting them at the gate by 3:30 PM). For us this meant slightly delayed dinner and trick-or-treating, plus less lighting for trick-or-treat photos. Here is our Japanese friend joining in...
Our son "scuba-diving"
The kids all had a great time trick-or-treating, though didn't come back with too much candy. There were so many kids out, many houses ran out of candy before we got to them. We were one of them. We were told to buy 10 bags. We bought 13 bags of our favorites (incase there were leftovers;), though it was gone in a little over an hour! Apparently we needed closer to 20 bags.

After trick-or-treating we all had fun entertaining families with our boat and costumes in our front yard. Many Japanese kids walked over to get a picture with our kids and the "boat" and some actually got in it. My husband and I both came out for a bit as a giant squid. Here he is. Notice everyone ran away but our son when he stepped out.

Finally, here's a clearer photo of all our family costumes at the beach to properly fit the theme. It's me as the squid this time. My husband wouldn't let me make him another costume. That's okay because it saved me hours of work, and he took the photo.

So, yes, Halloween can still be fun in Japan. We hope you all had fun too.

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