Friday, October 12, 2012

Three Falls

Since we moved here we kept hearing about 3 falls and 7 falls.  Three falls is a set of smaller waterfalls only about 45 minutes away, while 7 falls has larger falls, but is a couple hours away.  We finally got to 3 falls, in two separate trips.  First my husband took our son one day while I stayed with our daughter at naptime.  Then I got to take our daughter with some of my wonderful, adventurous friends while our son was at Kindergarten.  Here's some photos from both our trips...
One of the upper falls, taken by my husband
Our son "fishing"
The beautiful forest along the trail
And my trip with friends...
Thanks to my wonderful friend Sarah for setting up her camera on a timer for this one 

My friends in front of the largest waterfall
Crossing the stream to find a nice picnic area
All of us taken with my self-timer
And another thank you to my friend Sarah for catching my daughter and I during our lunch
One of the falls on our return
Our daughter running along the path back to the car

A beautiful day with wonderful friends.  I am so thankful to have them here with me in Japan.

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