Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is a little over a month behind due to the computer crisis, which I finally SOLVED! So the ease of a computer is finally back, with our favorite entry. After three months of living in Japan, my husband FINALLY got a weekend off! Yes, that's right, he worked most of every previous weekend. So, of course we drove to the nearest surf possible, which was 2 hours away on the West Coast of Japan. There wasn't much of a swell coming in, but we all had fun, including our son, who rode his first waves standing up. What an exciting day!

Paddling Out

Very first wave!

Popped up like a pro...

Rode it all the way in
Of course Mommy and Daddy had fun taking turns as well...

Daddy out with the one other surfer who joined in

And I did want to mention that we have been a bit disappointed by all the garbage we have seen floating in the water here. Here is our daughter picking up one of many plastic bottles we took to recycle.

My husband defends Japan, saying most of the garbage comes from the surrounding countries, but we still feel it is important to clean up as much as possible. We have been members of the Surfrider Foundation, trying to clean up our oceans for years, and have already spoken to them and a Japanese representative about starting a branch in our area. At the least, we can start some beach cleanups. :)


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