Thursday, May 3, 2012

Golden Week...

We are currently in the middle of "Golden Week" in Japan. The week Includes several holidays, beginning with the birthday of former Emporer Showa on April 29. Children attending Japanese schools got Monday off in celebration of this holiday, also Thursday for "Constitution Day/Kenpo kinenbi" (the day the post war constitution was put into effect in 1947) and Friday for "Greenery Day/Midori no hi" (celebration of nature and the environment). We got to see fireworks tonight for "Kenpo Kinenbi."



Saturday is "Children's Day/Komodo no hi." This day holds the Boy's Festival, in which families hang carp streamers and display Samurai Dolls (both symbols of strength, power, and success) and pray for the health and future success of their sons. (Girls Festival was March 3). Yes, our son is enjoying these couple days off to play with his little sister and his new fort. And he enjoyed picking out his carp streamer.


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