Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Omi Island

Last weekend with President's Day we had a little extra time to adventure.  We decided to drive to the West Coast and see Nagato and Omi Island, both in Yamaguchi Prefecture.  A little cold at this time of year, but still absolutely beautiful!
This photo was taken from the top of a lookout tower at the highest point, Mt. Takayama
The family at the lookout
To get to the top of Mt.Takayama, you take the main road to the left getting on the island, basically take it to a dead end, then if you have 4 wheel drive, take it up a rough rocky dirt path until it stops in a semi-parking lot...
Before you go driving a large vehicle up there, note the large boulder blocking part of the road...
From this angle it doesn't look too bad, but I actually thought we were going to scrape it when we drove through.  When the road ends, there is a nice steep hike up another half mile or so.
A great hike for anyone who can get up some steep muddy corners.

Back down where the dirt meets the paved road there is campground with some amazing views...

Then driving back on the main road towards the north side of the island, there is parking for this beach, where we we hoped to paddleboard...
When we got there the parking lot attendant tried to tell us we wouldn't want the board, but let us take it over to see.  We got there and realized not only was the air barely above freezing, it was also quite windy.  We debated for quite a while who if any of us should go in.  We decided I'd do a quick in and out.

Our son started screaming "Mommy no!  Come back!" sounding quite concerned, so it was quite a short trip.

Then we went on the beautiful hike from the beach across the bluffs to the spires...

And a quick photo of our children just before leaving.  Obviously quite chili at this point.

We hope to get back when it warms up in the spring. Omi Island is definitely a must-see in Japan!

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