Saturday, December 29, 2012

Akiyoshidai Caves

This weekend we finally got to explore the Akiyoshidai caves in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

My husband took this shot of me and the kids near the main entrance of the main cave, Akiyoshido. Yes, the cave is enormous! Very wide, and about 1 km from start to end. Trails are paved the entire way, most of which have railings to prevent falling into water below. The entire thing is lit, though still quite a bit darker than these photos would suggest. We used no flash or tripods for these photos, but exposures around a second long, mostly stabilizing on the railings. The cave actually gets quite crowded, so we were glad we did okay without the tripod. Here is a photo from the entrance followed by some more of our favorites...
Cave entrance
My husband with the kids
Looking out the cave entrance to exit
The creek that runs through the caves flows out into a beautiful forested area.

A short walk leads to a brick street with shops selling stones and carvings of all kinds...
Several small parking lots lie just past that, charging ¥100-400 per vehicle. (up to about $5) Nearby the area are rocky grasslands that go over the caves. There is also a zoo nearby lions, tigers and other animals. Definitely a place for all to go visit in Japan!

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