Friday, April 6, 2012

Swim Class Surfing...

As a family of surfers, we put great importance on our children learning to swim.  Our son by age 4, has become very comfortable in a swimming pool.  Now we have continued lessons to improve his stroke form.  Here we got the pleasure of working with a Japanese swim instructor.  They do private lessons, so they use lots of "tools" to get children focused on proper technique.  Our son was having a bit of trouble with his front crawl stroke, so the instructor pulled out a surfboard to work on his paddle.
...And the paddling turned out to be a whole surf lesson.  Woohoo!  Unfortunately as summer approaches, it is harder and harder to get lessons as the demand is so great.  So we're stuck without lessons for the time being, but I will at least try to get in the pool with the kids until we get "real" lessons again or hopefully get to a beach!

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